Sitting Still at the River


Since I was a young boy I have watched the river;
it has never stopped dancing
it has never stopped singing
it has never stopped giving
it has never stopped bringing
it has never stopped being
or becoming just so,

it has never stopped trying
and whispering “I know”

it has all ways been humble,
full of power it yields,
it has all ways been patient and full of its own
willingly giving from places unknown,
it has never been tired
it is never alone
it has never stopped changing
while remaining the same,

it lives life with intention
and like playing a game,

it is gentle and kind
yet needs utmost respect,

it follows and leads
and will never forget,

it all ways will greet you
with something that’s full

yet it holds you as if ever empty.
it is never ungrateful
it is never unkind,
it just watches and waits
and speaks its own mind,

its’ friends are so many
and enemies few

it well lives life’s secret
making one out of two,

content with restriction
because it goes on forever,

oh yes by the way it never says “never”
and it flows
and it flows
never seeking the end,

it’s the river my teacher
it’s the river my friend.

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