Your health is your greatest asset. 

Find out what you’ve been missing.

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Ottawa | May 6th

This full-day program will open your eyes to the interconnectedness of life, health, food, emotion, stability and happiness. Macrobiotics (meaning “great life”) is the process of choosing your greatest life, and determining which path is right for you regardless of fad or popularity. Find out how to eat, live and think more clearly based on your constitution and your condition, and learn how to achieve your health and life goals with ease.

Learn fundamentals of health from a new perspective in this special session, taught by the founder of Macrobiotics Canada, Wayne Diotte.

Thirty years of experience in one afternoon

The format and content of this seminar is designed to put the philosophy and practical application of Macrobiotics into context for the participants. No matter what level of experience, no matter what your background, Wayne is ready to show a clear way to take control of your health in a way you didn’t think possible.

Early bird registration: $25 off until April 13th!

How to Register

in person Santosha Yoga — 346 Richmond Road, 2F
by phone 613.256.2665 (call with questions!)

A recipe for health
  • Strengthening your organ systems
  • Defining and achieving balanced health
  • Food: the best medicine
  • Protecting your immune system
  • Removing the barriers to health
  • Mental, physical and spiritual transformation
  • Visual Diagnosis: How to see your health in the mirror
  • Biggest mistakes of:
    • vegetarianism
    • veganism
    • raw food
    • macrobiotics