Residents Miss Local Treasure

A Letter to the Editor in The Almonte Gazette

We often venture through life searching for treasure but we never look in our own backyard.

What a treasure we found right in your backyard. A group of us have just come home from an exceptional five day seminar on Macrobiotics. The founder Wayne Diotte, and his experienced crew are just outside of Almonte. It was a warm and wonderful experience for all of us. The course was information packed and full of fun.
During the entire week we were mystified by how few people from the surrounding area attended. Our trek to this seminar led across Canada, some participants drove for three days, while others flew in, were picked up and escorted to this location.
If this were in my backyard I would be grateful for this wonderful learning opportunity it presents.
Health is such a precious commodity. It is only when we lose our health that we truly appreciate what it was. The food we eat and how we prepare it is our greatest defense against disease. Our priceless bodies run on whatever we fuel them with.
Learning how to take care of your health through the ancient wisdom of macrobiotics is a gift.
Please take advantage of this program to discover the treasure right in your own backyard.

—Elaine Barber, Saskatoon, Sask.

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