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Products News:

  • Dried dailon leaves or Hip .
  • Bath – Ladies this is a good time to begin this type of cleanse. Now $4.50 per bag/bath. See our ‘ Specialty Items’ section.
  • This month we have many Sale items. New in our ‘Seasonings’ section Organic Almond & Peppermint Extracts.   Immune Boosting – selected condiments.  Selected grains including  Lundberg rice.    Eden Genmaicha & Kukicha organic tea 16 bags.     Bamboo tea strainer 50% off – now $3.50. (While supplies last). And so much more!
  •  Featured Items:

 New Wave Enviro  Counter Top water filter for Well Water.  Contains a ceramic & carbon filter block. If you are concerned about contamiments in your water this is the affordable filter for you. The marvelous feature about this filter is that once the ceramic cartrigde is finished it can be replaced. See Water Filters & click on description for more details.

  • We are now offer Big Savings on Volume purchases.  When you purchase by full cases or in bulk bags save 10 to 20 percent over buying single packaged units. Look for bulk purchases in Beverages, Candies, Cereals, Condiments, Grains, Noodles, Sea Vegetables


  • We are pleased to be the Canadian Distributor of Seaweed Iceland sea vegetables.  We feel these are the best sea vegetable available any where! Do tell your local stores to contact us as we would be happy supply them with these nutritious sea vegetables. If you have been using Seaweed Iceland sea vegetables consider buying in bulk.   Bulk 1/2 kg. bags of  Iceland Sea Vegetables are 39% less expensive than buying the equivalent volume in same 50 gr. bags.
  • Please call in your order to 613-256-4985. Call 24/7 & leave your phone number. We always return your call! We are not able to process email orders.