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Mother-Daughter Wisdom

Details:by Christiane Northrup, M.D.
The mother-daughter relationship sets the stage for our state of health and well-being for our entire lives. Because our mothers are our first and most powerful female role models, our most deeply ingrained beliefs about ourselves as women come from them. And our behavior in relationships-with food, with our children, with our mates, and with ourselves-is a reflection of those beliefs. Once we understand our mother-daughter bonds, we can rebuild our own health, whatever our age, and create a lasting positive legacy for the next generation.
"Mother-Daughter Wisdom introduces an entirely new map of female development, exploring the "five facets of feminine power," which range from the basics of physical self-care to the discovery of passion and purpose in life. This blueprint allows any woman-whether or" not she has children"-to repair the gaps in her own upbringing and create a better adult relationship with her mother. If she has her own daughter, it will help her be the mother she has always wanted to be.
Drawing on patient case histories and personal experiences, Dr. Northrup also presents findings at the cutting edge of medicine and psychology. Discover:
How to lay the nutritional foundation to prevent eating disorders and adult diseases
The truth about the immunization controversy-and the true meaning of immunity
How we can change our genetic healthlegacy
Why financial literacy is essential to women''s health
How to foster healthy sexuality and future "love maps" in our daughters
How to balance independence with caring, and individual growth with family ties
Written with warmth, enthusiasm, and rare intelligence, "Mother-Daughter Wisdom is an indispensable book destined to change lives and become essential reading for all women.
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