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The Macrobiotic Way

Details:Revised Third Edition by Michio Kushi & Stephen Blauer.
More than forty years ago, Michio Kushi recognized that improper diet was a principal cause of many illnesses, including cancer. He began teaching how the macrobiotic diet, based on nutritious whole grains, locally grown fresh vegetables, protein-rich beans, and sea vegetables, combined with exercise and a simpler lifestyle, can relieve and prevent health problems and rejuvenate the body.
In this new edition of ‘The macrobiotic Way’, practical advice on living in harmony with nature and the seasons is illuminated with the latest research on nutrition and health care. Macrobiotic foods and where to find them, cooking methods, dozens of delicious and easy-to-prepare recipes, sample menus, a simple exercise program, and a plan to design your macrobiotic home make ‘The macrobiotic Way’ the definitive guide for the journey to a macrobiotic life. 262 pages, paper back.
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