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We personally use many of the products in our Top 13 listed brands.
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We offer the products included in these brands 4 times a year.
We will list on Sale products by the 7th of the order month.
Order Dates:
February 15 for March delivery.
May 15th for June delivery.
August 15th for Sept. delivery.
November 15th for Dec. delivery.

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25-437   1. NOW "Visit Website" Supplements, Beauty/Health, Essential Oils etc.
25-450   2. Organic Connections "Visit Website" Bulk Herbs, Spices, dried vegetables & baking needs.
25-462   3. Desert Essence "Visit Website" Body, Oral, Hair & Skin Care.
25-465   4. Dr Bronner's "Visit Website" Personal care & cleaning products.
25-460   5. Guelph Soap Company "Visit Website" Pure & natural soaps.
25-463   6. Jason Natural Products "Visit Website" Body, Oral, Hair & Skin Care.
25-464   7. Natracare "Visit Website" Feminine Hygiene Products.
25-470   8. Nature Clean "Visit Website" Cleaning - dish, home, laundry. Plus personal & kids care products.
25-471   9. Nova Scotia Organics "Visit Website" Whole food based organic Vitamine, Mineral, Supplements & Solutions.
25-472  10. Platinum Naturals "Visit Website" High quality supplements suspended in omega oils to improve absorption & efficacy.
25-475  11. Routine "Visit Website" Effective, lovely scented, cream deodorant with clean wholesome ingredients.
25-477  12. St Francis Herb Farm "Visit Website" Herbal -Tinctures, Capsules, Oils. Careful decisions create a process from seed to shelf, bringing the best out of each herb - maximizing efficacy, potency & healing potential.
25-466  13. Weleda "Visit Website" Face, Body, Baby - Creams, Lotions, Oils, Soaps
25-438  Alba Botanica "Visit Website" Personal care products
25-453  Algonquin Tea Company "Visit Website" Teas.
25-459  Aura Cacia "Visit Website" Essential oils, Body, Bath,Diffusers/Accessories.
25-461  Avalon Organic "Visit Website" Skin & Hair Care, Bath & Body.
25-467  Carlson Laboratories "Visit Website" Fish oils - omega 3's, Vitamin E & other supplements
25-449  Flisinger's Organic Foods "Visit Website" Apple cider, apple cider vinegar & sauces
25-451  Frontier Natural Products "Visit Website" Herbs & Spices
25-468  Mill Creek Botanicals "Visit Website",/a> Hand Sanitizer. Body Lotion. Shower Gel & Soap. Deodorant.
25-469  Mineral Fusion "Visit Website" Cosmetics, Skin & Hair, Nails.
25-454  Miski Organics "Visit Website"a Canadian company with Peruvian roots, dedicated to the import and distribution of premium quality organic superfoods.
25-456  Panda Natural Licorice ,a href=>"Visit Website"
25-457  PUR Gum "Visit Websire" Gum & Mints
25-473  Quantum Health "Visit Website" Lysine products, Cold Care & Lozenges, Eye & Mouth Care.
25-474  Quest Vitamins "Visit Website" Tailored multivitamins & minerals for each life stage & gender.
25-458  San J "Visit Website"<\a> Tamari, Shoyu, Sauces & Crackers
25-476  Shikai "Visit Website" 50 years of Skin, Hair & Body Care products.
25-452  Simply Organic "Visit Website" Seasoning mixes & blends.
25-478  Suncoat "Visit Website" Non-toxic nail polish, designed to provide the same quality and finish as the conventional stuff without any unsafe chemicals. Also a collection for face, eye, lips & hair,
25-455  Thai Kitchen "Visit Website" Premium coconut milk.