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Iceland Sea Veggie - Atlantic Kombu (Laminaria Digitata)

Details:Atlantic Kombu is useful as a seasoning for soups, stews, sauces & vegetables dishes. It is an excellent flavor enhance & has the ability to make the food it is cooked with softer & more digestible.
These sea vegetables originate from a small fishing village on the south coast of the Reykjanes peninsula. This sparsely inhabited area features pristine waters that are free of pollutants, and well suited to various types of seaweed.
They are hand harvested from early spring to autumn & done so in a sustainable manner always leaving enough plants for re-growth.
The sea vegetables are air dried at low temperatures in a closed drying facility. The electricity to do so comes from a geothermal plant 10 kilometers away and is completely renewable. They filter the intake air and control moisture throughoutthe drying process. The dried products are then stored at low temperatures in a climate-controlled facility.
Nothing is added to this seaweed or is processed in any other way.
Min shelve life is 2 years.

Organic: Yes
Taxable: No

50 g $10.55