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Natto Miso Chutney - Mitoku

Details:Natto Miso Chutney is no ordinary miso. It is the traditional chutney of rural southern Japan by the famous Marukura Family. They are known for their delicious and homemade koji (spores), which give their products an unbeatable taste. Natto Miso Chutney is a relish that's delectably savory yet sweet with a chunky texture derived from the unique blend of ingredients: country-style barley miso, slivered kombu, piquant ginger, and natural barley malt. Natto Miso is enjoyed as a seasoning for rice, or as a topping for baked or broiled or deep-fried tofu or mochi. It also makes a delicious, wholesome spread for bread or crackers. You'll soon see why it is known as "Finger Lickin' Miso" or namémiso.
Organic: No
Taxable: No

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