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In January of each year we will be offering you the opportunity to order bulk South River Miso once a year. Ordering January with delivery to you by late February. We do so at this time of year as we can count on cold weather to receive & then ship the miso out to you. We will stock a limited supply of miso in 1 pound glass jars. (Unfortunately due to Canadian organic certification criteria Garlic Red Pepper & Dandelion leek miso cannot be imported & sold in Canada.) We do not ship miso from early May to mid Sept as miso shipped in warm/hot weather can spoil. The new Canadian regulations concerning the importation of foods & their sale is making it ever more arduous, difficult & rigorous for us and other small companies to import foods. We consider miso one of the essential for maintaining personal & family health. As such we are sharing with you on a personal note that we are stocking up to a 2 year supply (for our personal use) all products that we consider necessary for maintaining our health. Thus we highly encourage you to order enough miso to last you for 2 years. We make no guarantee to have miso always available as we do sell out.

South River Miso Co. is produced in New England USA by the Elwell family.

  1. Ingredients: 100% organically grown grains and beans, unrefined sea salt, and pure deep well water. No preservatives or additives are used.

  2. Unpasteurized Miso with whole grain texture: Unpasteurized miso is a living food containing many natural digestive enzymes and beneficial micro-organisms which aid in the digestion of all foods. The whole grain texture of this miso recaptures the way miso was traditionally made before the advent of machine processing for modern, mass production.

    Completely traditional processing methods: Ingredients cooked with wood fire; hand tended koji making; mashing and mixing of beans and grain koji without machinery; long, slow aging in wooden casts only.

    16-85  Miso - Azuki Bean
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    16-87  Miso - Barley - 3 year old
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    16-84  Miso - Chick Pea
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    16-89  Miso - Chick Pea Barley - 3 year old
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    16-86  Miso - Golden Millet
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    16-88  Miso - Hearty Brown Rice - 3 year old
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    16-90  Miso - Sweet White
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    16-83  Miso - Sweet-Tasting Brown Rice
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    16-356  Natto Miso Chutney - Mitoku
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