Macrobiotics and Me

My name is Jennifer Lea Laale and I am 24 years old. I have to write to you about my experiences with Macrobiotics because if I can help just one person it will be worth it. It is never easy to write ones own story especially when it relates insecurity, indecision, pain and weakness. That was my state when I returned from Europe at 22 years old. I came home in a lot of pain emotionally and physically. On the physical level I was a wreck. I had no energy, sleeping until noon, my back and neck were in so much pain that I was praying for an out of body experience. I was living on sinus medication for my headaches, painkillers for the horrific PMS and cramps that I had had ever since I was 12 years old. A year earlier I had had two bouts with kidney stones. The doctors kept giving me drugs and telling me that all was normal. The chiropractor would adjust me and then I would be back the next week in as much pain. I looked into alternatives and was overwhelmed by all the gadgets, gizmos, potions and pills. I did not know where to turn. I was afraid that if I felt this way at 22 what was life going to be like at 42.

Emotionally I was scared. How could someone with all the advantages I possessed, all my ideas, all my spirit, not achieve her dreams. I was making mistakes in all aspects of my life and although I could intellectually tell you what the problems were I did not have the philosophy, nor the internal strength to change them. The principles I was looking for I had not found in the education system, nor in my family unit. So I continued my search.

I looked into the spiritual. Do you know how many books there are in the self-help section? I only had one lifetime to work with so I decided to find someone who had what I was looking for. I went to a psychic and left disillusioned. I went to a chaneller and left a skeptic. I wanted something grounded. I found it in Wayne Diotte Founder / Director of Macrobiotics Canada.

I met Wayne at a spiritual and health panel discussion. I had no clue what Macrobiotics was or how it was going to help me. What I wanted to know was how were the panelists going to educate the young before they got sick? If alternatives were out there and they worked how come I had never heard about them? Wayne suggested a consultation. He had spoken of taking responsibility for your own health through the philosophy of healing the ‘whole’ person; body, mind and spirit in order to have a Great Life. This appealed to me and so I went.

The consultation consisted of what I should incorporate into my diet and lifestyle in order to get rid of the pain I was in. Wayne took into consideration my present lifestyle and my goals and dreams. His style of teaching / coaching Macrobiotics takes into account that each person is different, with their own constitution, that which was given to them by their parents, and their own condition, that which they created themselves. I had through years of abuse created a very weak or in Macrobiotic terms, Yin condition. The scary thing is that I was not doing anything different from what my peers, and family, and most everyone around me were doing. It was time to create my own health, to break away from what I had been taught in order to create my life.

From hamburgers to brown rice my diet took a quick change.and so did my health. Within days my energy level increased. I lost 10 pounds I had gained in Europe. My body started to change, the cellulite went, my chipmunk cheeks disappeared, and the dark circles under my eyes, that my doctor had told me were hereditary started to fade. Wayne explained to me that my internal organs were a mess and that part of the reason my back was in so much pain was that the expanded internal organs were pulling my spinal chord out of alignment. That was why I kept having to go back to the chiropractor. As my health increased my chiropractor was surprised and pleased to see how easy I was to adjust and how well my adjustments held. I was hooked. I was healing myself.

One night I had a kidney stone attack. Through ginger compresses and shiatsu massage from Wayne I was able to pass the stones without much pain. I passed 5 stones within a month. My body had cleansed itself. Now, without PMS and cramps I can say without a doubt that, “No all you women out there, PMS and cramps are NOT NORMAL! Do not listen to anyone who says they are.”

I was then turned on to the support services at Macrobiotics Canada. It is not always easy to choose a path that is different from everyone around you, yet when you are on the right track you want to stay on it, and sometimes you need help.

Macro-Shiatsu Massage has become my gift to myself every week. It helps the energy move in my body, ridding itself of stagnation both physical and emotional. For the first few months I had been living on brown rice and steamed vegetables, my culinary expertise being next to non-existent. I took some cooking classes and then I took some more because the food was amazing. All the stews and pies I used to love I could create with better ingredients. My cooking is much better now. I even created a Macrobiotic Christmas feast to write home about.

As the physical pain subsided I realized that the emotional and spiritual side needed to be worked on. Since my first consultation I have had many more on such subjects as relationships, destructive patterns, spirituality, and career choices. It has been a lot of work but I would not trade it in for anything in the world. Through residential programs and volunteer work I am achieving and being everything I ever wanted to do or be. I had the opportunity 2 years after becoming Macrobiotic to see what I had looked like and felt like in the face of a young 22 year old at the ’96 Health Expo. She was scared, with all the physical and emotional pains I had known so well. It was like looking into an old mirror. It is for her and all of you who are searching for something that unites all of who you are; body, mind, and spirit that I am writing my story. My biggest hope is that you never forget the possibility of the Macrobiotic philosophy. Create your health now! There is no better time to have a Great Life!

—Jennifer Lea Laale

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