Learning the basics in order to go beyond.

I offered what I thought to be a nugget of wisdom to a longtime friend and client. It was the late 90s… Here is the nugget :-):” in this world it is worth noting: the bigger the front, the bigger the back”.

This is not meant to be a negation of the positive or vice versa but simply a key to knowing the way things are. In order to thwart the manifestation of the other side one must follow precise guidelines methodology or precepts… Much like the idea that correct mathematical formula is required in order to reach an accurate/desired conclusion. The naïve or unskilled mind cannot or does not wish to see the back and thus may very well spend a lifetime or part thereof slipping and sliding down mountains they put effort into climbing or worse… Never waking to see both sunrise and sunset on any given day.

Some may find this an overly controlled or contrived way of living; others enjoy it as realistic and even as a kind of blissful magic. So many choices, so little time.

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