Success Stories

"You will be a great educator"
—Michio Kushi, Miami Conference 1987

“I first me Wayne at his June summer camp near Ottawa. As the camp progressed I was sure Wayne could help me. Wayne gave me some dietary guidelines, exercises and concentration techniques. In 10 weeks time my golf game improved such that by the target date I had given Wayne, I won my first championship at the golf club·much to the surprise of the club veterans. My first big win! Wayne’s guidance has been the turning point in my career. I can focus and concentrate better than I have ever done before. I know that by following his advice and a macrobiotic way of life I will soon be winning major golf tournaments. Look Out Golf World! 
Joseph Van Der Velden, Professional Golfer, London, Ontario

“Stairs were my nightmare! I had reached a point where I was so weak and depressed that at the end of the day I would look up those stairs from the hallway and cry because I felt I couldn’t climb up one more time. I was three months pregnant and had just found this out when I saw Wayne. Within days the stairs were merely tiring: within a few weeks I was enjoying my husband and two year-old again. I was now happily anticipating the birth of our second child. My labor was two hours long with a home birth that went like clockwork and my recovery was quick and easy. Wayne’s guidance, encouragement and Macrobiotic counseling helped me turn my condition right around and we are all extremely grateful.”Wendy Johnson – London, Ontario

Hi Wayne,
What’s cooking! Here in Ottawa we’re doing fine, we’re eating terrifically and feeling wonderful. Thanks to your lessons, we are already changing certain eating habits, we have prepared several meals and desserts which turned out great. I’ve tried the Nori rolls at school for lunch and I’ve loved it (to the great astonishment of the gathering crowd). We’ve been having a different (new) dish every night and have enjoyed the change of taste.
I’ve appreciated your accepting to receive us (4 kids) at your session, and I’ve adored the session itself. I guess my major reasons for liking the session were 1) the fact that we had young, peppy, enthusiastic and patient teachers, 2) the fact that there was a feeling of openness between us and 3) the different style your session had, compared to our daily scholastic routine where we go in class to talk only of the subject itself, where on the other hand, at your session, we talked about why, and how man got to eat the food we’re about to prepare, then we observed the cooking, and finally, the unique part of eating till we were more than full (which is usually rare for me).
I’ve noticed a great change in my eating habits, I am now more reserved, I stop earlier to digest, I finish supper earlier, in other words, instead of (as traditionally done before) jumping on food, I now taste and appreciate food.
All this you’ve realized for me, I have now a healthier future. To the pleasure of seeing you soon. Your more than interested student,

Patrick Bradley, Age 12, Ottawa, Canada

“You may have noticed the food and the energy of food change on Tuesday,. that is after Wayne had taken it upon himself to nourish and feed the kitchen staff with his insight via shiatsus and consultations. I have had many consultations with many great teachers – none have compared with Wayne. I have begun to understand what true northern ‘Ki’ is all about, thank you.” 
Ricky Brandino, Chief Chef, Miami Conf.

“The food was superb – incredible. When all is said and done, Macrobiotics is about food and eating well and I don’t think anybody does it better than you guys!! Wayne, you should be writing books, I’ve not experienced the quality of macrobiotics you present anywhere and I’ve been around.” 
David Dodson, M.D. – Boston, Mass.

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