Success Stories

"You will be a great educator"
—Michio Kushi, Miami Conference 1987

A ‘Great Life’ Experience

In 1993, as a result of an accident at work I was vaccinated against Hepatitis B. Over the next few days, I began to lose weight, experiencing insomnia & vomiting along with the weight loss. In 5 months, I lost 48 lbs. Conventional medicine did not seem to relate these symptoms to the vaccination I had received. Depression, anorexia were suggested as possible causes but I did not believe this to be true.

As such, neither medical intervention nor psychotherapy were able to help improve my condition; and with time I became anemic and physically weak. Nonetheless, I did not give up HOPE!

In the spring of 1994, a miracle happened. A friend of mine introduced me to Wayne Diotte. His advice and his knowledge of the human being in its entirety provided me with the comfort and motivation to modify my diet. In the weeks to follow, not only did the symptoms related to the vaccination I had received disappear but also the migraines which had troubled me since my childhood.
I contend that Macrobiotics makes use of a balanced diet as a foundation from which the individual can realize its fullest potential. Thank you Wayne, owing to you, my life is transformed. 
Francine Tessier Rioux – Registered Nurse Ottawa, Ontario

“We have all been able to relax and truly be ourselves. When I come here, being at Wayne’s I feel more empowered with the whole sense of the truth of who we are. There is a magic at the River and I can see by the way Wayne talks about the river. water, like the wind has magic in it, the way it relates to seasons… it’s beautiful.

My architect profession is very stress loaded and this has helped me immensely. When I keep doing what he says it works. This is my third year. I would say come and see for yourself.” 
Keith Graham – Halifax, N.S.

“The food is just too good here!”
Kraig Middleton – Durand Michigan

“Thanks for not panicking. Something of your calm came over to me that morning and has been with me since. Whatever happened to me this past winter, is done with: things are coming together in a way they just wouldn’t then. I feel better every week, more on earth. I think I’ve gained about thirty-five pounds; the doctors are a little mystified.I’m a little mystified myself.” 
James Warner – Halifax, N.S.

“I am endlessly grateful to Wayne for his help and guidance in creating my new life. Eighteen months ago my recurring cancer pointed toward a bleak future. His initial counseling and ongoing support have been fantastic· I feel great!
My doctors are both astounded and amazed and have wholeheartedly encouraged me to continue. My return to good health has inspired me to share with others this wonderfully simple ‘choice’ called Macrobiotics.” 
Beulah Murphy – Halifax, Nova Scotia

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