Success Stories

"You will be a great educator"
—Michio Kushi, Miami Conference 1987


My name is Gunars Kazaks and I am 22 years old. I was introduced to Macrobiotics in the summer of ’98 while my best friend was visiting me in Nova Scotia. This introduction came by the way of a woman named Susan Galloway, who was counseled by Wayne Diotte 15 years earlier. My initial introduction was one of doubt, not able to grasp the simple practicality of it all, while my stomach was saying I had found something good here. I was not in a bad state of health, nor did I think I was looking for something better for myself. The main pull towards Macrobiotics for me is that IT MAKES SENSE and you needn’t get involved with any gimmicky potions or pills. It is what it is and it is just about how you feel and how to take care of yourself. The answer to how you feel starts with what you eat. Having incorporated a Macrobiotic diet and lifestyle for over a year now I have experienced many milestones to reassure myself that this is good for me … my mind clearing up, my insight improving, my confidence building and the increase in physical endurance that I experienced this winter, which is beneficial to my job as a professional ski instructor.
Upon returning to Ottawa I started volunteering at Macrobiotics Canada. Being able to work in this environment has accelerated my understanding and solidified my trust in the everyday approaches of this lifestyle as well as the ongoing, practical, intuitive suggestions of my counselor, Wayne Diotte. Through the support of the Macrobiotics Canada team, Wayne, Corinne and Jennifer, I am going into this winter stronger than ever. Thanks to Wayne for his ever present good advice and shiatsus, which really hit the spot.Corinne for her tastebud blowing cooking and enthusiasm that is ever present.and Jennifer who is a silent and reassuring reminder of the benefits of Macrobiotics.
When learning about Macrobiotics, please for your benefit, make an informed and balanced decision and CALL WAYNE. 
Gunars Kazaks – Prof. Ski Instructor, Ottawa, Ontario

Macrobiotics et moi

I was sitting on some unnamed beach in South Australia. I feared going into the surf because I had another pounding sinus headache, the bane of my existence for as long as I can remember. I was tired of being sick. I hated how my illnesses and weak constitution restricted a lot of my enjoyment in life. I am one of those people who find a lot of fulfillment in being active, pushing my body to its limits, exploring the wonders of my physical form. I realized something needed to change.
I went to my van / home that I was traveling in and popped another Sinutab washing it down with some milk. I have an Honours Degree in Biology and the scientific side of my other than conscious was whispering to me that the answer to my problem was a simple one. I just had to widen some of my tunneled senses. Which tunnel I needed to widen was still debatable. But recently I had received a letter from my sister back in Canada and within it, mixed in with the family gossip, quips and feelings was a key. It just took me awhile to realize what it was.
Taking a year off to travel and relax is a wonderful way to spend some of your life. But its greatest gift, if you choose to embrace it, is it allows you the luxury to think freely, to expand some of your horizons, to get more in tune with yourself and everything that is not. My sister’s letter talked a lot about something called Macrobiotics. My first impression was that it was vegetarianism with some esoteric Asian thinking thrown in for garnish. First impressions — how amusing they can be.
As it was I finished up my Australian travels having realized my lifelong goal of diving the Great Barrier Reef. I returned to find Ottawa cosmetically different but still home and a sister who was different in a far deeper manner. I started eating her strange food, perused the literature she had collected and agreed to meet her counselor, Wayne Diotte. Now I am rather tightfisted when it comes to that colorful paper we have in Canada but sister told me the $175 would not be a waste. I trusted her. Sometimes those young pups know what they are talking about.
Until my consultation with Wayne Diotte I had not realized how much pain my body was in. He offered suggestions to improve my life, from diet to spiritual. Analytically and instinctually I felt I had found a way off of that spiraling staircase downward. I now feel that Macrobiotics is an indispensable part of my life. Perhaps one day you too will feel the same.Matt Laale – Teacher, Ottawa, Ontario

“Staff is wonderful. Best Shiatsu Massage I have ever had!”
Barb Hewitt – Flint, Michigan

“I’m definitely coming back this has been totally revitalizing. I want it to be two weeks in the future.” 
Laura Robichau – Digby, N.S.

“Wayne has a unique ability.after my consultation I felt much better about my life. Inspired!”
J. Pfunder – NYC

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