Success Stories

"You will be a great educator"
—Michio Kushi, Miami Conference 1987

To Wayne Diotte
…who led me to the river and the lilacs.
One of the reasons I choose to come here is for the bonus of witnessing the fineness of your relationship with Avalyne.
“What an excitingly decent manner of parenting,” I’ve thought trying a bit of the same on myself… with excellent results!!

“I’m convinced that – No matter where you are, how you are, or what you are, with Wayne’s guidance, the excellent educational services and fabulous food, Macrobiotics Canada can make a difference in your life. There is a quality of honesty, integrity, truth and love available here that are rare and precious gems. They are waiting to be shared and enjoyed by you. I’m in a unique position. I’m living the Macrobiotics Canada Life! And, I’m ready to share it with you. 
Corinne Van Der Velden – Almonte, Ontario

“If you want to see a Macrobiotic counselor who will tell you the truth and will not try to sell you any expensive potions or pills then go see Wayne, he’s real; if you want to spend three times as much money then get in an airplane and go see someone who is famous.” 
Effie Warshavsky – Ottawa, Ontario

“Thank you.For simply being there, available and interested, always without the aura of ‘Rule and Task Maker’; for your evident faith that I too can heal and have life abundant, such a large part of sickness is the belief that this is the only possible world; for sharing information and insights. Tonight, I feel hopeful and strengthened. 
Jane Fawcett – Kingston, Ontario


I had been seriously ill for several years when I first was introduced to macrobiotics. I knew almost instinctively that it offered me the possibility of regaining my lost health. For this reason I did not want to waste precious time in transition. Having learnt about macrobiotics just weeks before, I wanted it to become an immediate part of my life. So I decided to go to Wayne’s Summer Camp. I can now say that it was the essential key to beginning my new way of life.

The value of that one single week is immeasurable. The meals were absolutely delicious. Cooking classes made the transition much easier, as new recipes and cooking methods were explained. In that week my old unhealthy pattern of eating was interrupted and a new more positive pattern began to emerge. By week’s end I was regaining energy. Most importantly, I was surrounded by an enthusiastic, sharing group of people who had made the same choice as I had. This was a terrific confidence booster.
It was a totally wonderful and relaxing week – a fitting introduction to a way of eating and thinking which has become my inspiration to renewed health. I am convinced that without this week I would not be where I am today!Betty Anne Tyas, London, Ontario

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