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Being and the River

So many things happen in a person’s life. Mine was no different. looking back on growing up, I realize that the summer season gave me my most memorable experiences, the bulk of which were quite happy. Even as I marched into adulthood, that time of year gave me the greatest joy in the simplest of ways.  
My birthday precedes the …

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Macrobiotics and Me

My name is Jennifer Lea Laale and I am 24 years old. I have to write to you about my experiences with Macrobiotics because if I can help just one person it will be worth it. It is never easy to write ones own story especially when it relates insecurity, indecision, pain and weakness. That was my state when I …

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Living the Great Life

Living The Great Life Looking toward the North is a trait which few Americans possess. Historically, our primary movement has been East to West – from Europe to America and America to the Orient, building a seemingly endless empire. Our secondary movement from north to south, emerged after American (East & West) coasts were settled and well connected through business …

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Sitting Still at the River


Since I was a young boy I have watched the river; it has never stopped dancing it has never stopped singing it has never stopped giving it has never stopped bringing it has never stopped being or becoming just so, it has never stopped trying and whispering “I know” it has all ways been humble, full of power it yields, …

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Aha, Said the Body

“Ah ha” said the body “a deal, a bargain of a lifetime is what I have for you” “If you, dear mind, let me indulge I offer much delight.” “I see,” said mind “much unconnected thought, word, deed, a reward so tempting I just might.” “What if I were to offer a a touch, a modicum of insight?” The spirit …

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