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Before schoolyard play Before the river’s embrace Before that 1st true love Before brain snooze via ” the use” Before gurus or academic blues They introduced me to the VASTNESS. April 23. 1929 and 1898. The birth dates of Arthur my father and George my grandfather. In their honour and with Big Gratitude I share this with you: “The Universe …

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On being awake

I just awoke from a dream where I was sitting across a table from a young woman would only speak to me while sitting at a right angle to me facing West while I faced south. After handing her a new logo sticker and hearing what seemed to be a cynical scoff, I asked her “what?” And she said “oh …

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Learning the basics in order to go beyond.

I offered what I thought to be a nugget of wisdom to a longtime friend and client. It was the late 90s… Here is the nugget :-):” in this world it is worth noting: the bigger the front, the bigger the back”. This is not meant to be a negation of the positive or vice versa but simply a key …

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In the course of one sentence.

I tend toward “Being” more than I am aware, move with awareness more than I feel, feel with depth and breadth more than I think, contemplate my thoughts more than I talk, talk more than I write. These blogs are my  “doing”, a reaching out and sharing, a composite of all of the above. Within and beyond the words I …

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History of Macrobiotics Canada

The seeds for what grew into Macrobiotics Canada were planted by my family at a young age. Excursions late at night to the beautiful parkland along the Ottawa river was likely the first planting. As a determined three-year old, I recall trying to figure out how I could get my dad to allow me to “just stay up” outside and …

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Being and the River

So many things happen in a person’s life. Mine was no different. looking back on growing up, I realize that the summer season gave me my most memorable experiences, the bulk of which were quite happy. Even as I marched into adulthood, that time of year gave me the greatest joy in the simplest of ways.  
My birthday precedes the …

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Sitting Still at the River


Since I was a young boy I have watched the river; it has never stopped dancing it has never stopped singing it has never stopped giving it has never stopped bringing it has never stopped being or becoming just so, it has never stopped trying and whispering “I know” it has all ways been humble, full of power it yields, …

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Aha, Said the Body

“Ah ha” said the body “a deal, a bargain of a lifetime is what I have for you” “If you, dear mind, let me indulge I offer much delight.” “I see,” said mind “much unconnected thought, word, deed, a reward so tempting I just might.” “What if I were to offer a a touch, a modicum of insight?” The spirit …

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