Aha, Said the Body

“Ah ha” said the body “a deal, a bargain of
a lifetime is what I have for you”

“If you, dear mind, let me indulge
I offer much delight.”

“I see,” said mind “much unconnected
thought, word, deed, a reward so tempting
I just might.”

“What if I were to offer a
a touch, a modicum of insight?”

The spirit up & piped
“For if indulgence by chance prevails
and follied thought, word & deed
a life it seems slips ever faster
into darkest night.”

Now out of there or nowhere came
a voice of calm appeal:

“Now triad of all unity, all each
your essence rely on one another,
as surely each in turn has
greatest view by standing on the other’s shoulders.”

So here, a solution for eternity,
All three in unison sing of each other’s ways,
All three hold gently to the reins
Ride together in harmony through your days.”

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