About Macrobiotics

Macrobiotics is the philosophy, science and art of living to your greatest potential for as long as possible.

Semiotics is the study of signs and symbols in our world, seeking to find connections where none at first appear. Macrobiotics is a true semiotic approach to daily life, giving you the ability to interpret the signs that are all around you and learn how to best navigate your life based on them.

Daily food is a cornerstone of living a great life. Diet & cooking have a profound and powerful influence on creating our overall health. This influence manifests itself in the quality of our blood & thereby our mental and emotional well being. Of course, being healthy, balanced and energetic affords us the opportunity to grow spiritually according to our heart’s desire.

It offers a large view of life. A way of perceiving, pursuing, creating and living a Great Life full of energy, good humour and adventure. Understanding and balancing the energy of our daily food, relationships, environment and activities is the true focus of macrobiotics.

The philosophy of macrobiotics can be traced to the wisdom of peace-loving people around the world. Its essence is universally understandable and as such may be used and enjoyed by anyone, anytime, any place. As with all learning, leadership and health discipline study, practice accelerates one’s progress.

Hippocrates, who is considered the founding father of modern medicine, said “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. This common sense principle is at the heart of macrobiotic philosophy.

Successful Practice

Many of Wayne’s clients are trying a macrobiotic approach for the second or third time, and are finding his way of conveying, teaching and counseling to be working. He feels that this problem is due to a tendency towards Macro-Neurotic or Macro-Robotic behavior, terms he coined years ago. This is not necessarily the fault of the practitioner, but is both a learned way of practicing and a tendency towards dualistic thinking.

Is this a solvable problem?

“Of course,” says Wayne. “Just call me.