A practical approach to health.

 Macrobiotics Canada is an education, health, healing, counseling and retreat centre that has been serving the needs of clients for over three decades.

We are sincere, enthusiastic, organized, and thoroughly convinced that our activities are making a difference; having served thousands of people from all walks of life and from virtually every province and state in North America.

A mere 30 minutes from Ottawa—Canada’s capital—Macrobiotics Canada is located in a beautiful village originally named Rosebank because of the wild roses that bloom during July along the Mississippi River. The area boasts shopping, markets, artists, artisans, golf, swimming, hiking and skiing. Whether the goal of your retreat is health-oriented or recreational you’ll find everything you need is close at hand.

Our belief is simple: you have the capacity within you to create a life of health and happiness. We will provide you with the methodology, insight and support you need. The results are simple, yet profound: you can live your greatest life possible.

We can teach you how.

“Macrobiotics is a practical approach to diet; it has philosophical richness; it is scientifically sound; it is socially responsible; it is humanly compassionate, environmentally sound. A diet centered around whole grains, legumes, vegetables and fruit benefits our personal health and the health of the environment. Planetary ecology begins in the kitchen.”

From the Psychology of Health: In Pursuit of Wellness by Sean Egan
Professor at Ottawa University, Brown & Benchmark Publishers