Monthly Archive for: ‘March, 2012’

On being awake

I just awoke from a dream where I was sitting across a table from a young woman would only speak to me while sitting at a right angle to me facing West while I faced south. After handing her a new logo sticker and hearing what seemed to be a cynical scoff, I asked her “what?” And she said “oh …

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Learning the basics in order to go beyond.

I offered what I thought to be a nugget of wisdom to a longtime friend and client. It was the late 90s… Here is the nugget :-):” in this world it is worth noting: the bigger the front, the bigger the back”. This is not meant to be a negation of the positive or vice versa but simply a key …

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In the course of one sentence.

I tend toward “Being” more than I am aware, move with awareness more than I feel, feel with depth and breadth more than I think, contemplate my thoughts more than I talk, talk more than I write. These blogs are my  “doing”, a reaching out and sharing, a composite of all of the above. Within and beyond the words I …

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